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Rain-Out Recap

Anytime the Yankees scheduled game gets postponed, I will give a quick recap of the recent games and also the upcoming games.

Tonight’s final game of the series against the Boston Red Sox was postponed at around noon due to the terrible forecast. Perhaps this is for the best for New York, as they leave Boston in fashion, after scoring 2 touchdowns in a comeback win. The Yankees have, as Bobby Valentine said, put the Sox at rock bottom.

The starting pitching, with the exception of Ivan Nova , has been terrible. And yet the Bombers are in first place in the division, and things can only really get better from here. There have been some painfull losses, but the team has never let those losses carry over to the next day.

Up next the Yankees will play the reigning two-time AL Champion Texas Rangers. It should be a tough series, but it should also be a good measuring stick to where the team is at.