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Hey folks, I just wanted to say sorry for the lack of posts lately.  A busy schedule combined with computer problems has kept me from posting frequently, but thats not a good enough excuse.  As Jerry West once said,”You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days you feel good.”

You can count on a daily posts from here on out, because I’m challenging myself to not let my readers (Even if it is only 10) down.

As for the Yankees, Mariano going down was tough obviously, and the team has been struggling lately.  However, Robinson Cano’s grand slam led them to a 10-4 victory over the Royals, earning them a 2-2 series split.

Despite my angst for Phil Hughes, he pitched fairly well, going 7 innings giving up only 3 runs.  Up next, the Yankees have a day off, and then will play a pivotal 3-game set with the division rival Rays in New York.


Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello everyone!  Before I start talking purely baseball, I will take the time to give you some basic information about what to expect from myself, and this blog.  First off, my motivation for this blog came from my love of the Yankees, and my dream to one day become a sports writer.  I’m a high school senior and I will be attending Ithaca College (Ithaca, New York) next fall.  My major is Journalism, and, as stated earlier, my goal is to become some sort of sports writer/reporter/broadcaster.

With baseball having a 162 game season, I will have plenty to talk about, complain, and analyze each and every day, which is what you should expect.  After every game (Including tonights against the O’s) I will give a quick recap, and then go into my opinion on the game. 

I always love feedback, and would be thrilled if you guys could leave a comment with your opinion, or perharps some constructive criticism on my writing, layout, or anything else that you think needs changing.