Excuses, Excuses

After Phil Hughes went 5 and 2/3 innings, gave up 4 runs, and earned the loss,  Joe Girardi and many others were making excuses about his performance.  Saying things like, “Today was a step forward, he just made a couple mistakes that got hit.” Newsflash- you can’t throw fastball’s straight as an arrow, right down the middle of the plate, and not expect them to be punished.  Everybody is lying to themselves about Hughes, saying he is making strides, but those strides are more like half-baby steps.  When will he be taken out of the rotation? When he’s 2-13? Oh, I forgot to mention the Yankees lost 7-1. Hughes sucks, simple as that.

1-2-3: The Yankees had all of 7 hits off of one the worst starters in baseball, Brian Matusz. The guy hadn’t won a game since June of last year.  All of those hits came from the top of the order.  Jeter went 3-5 and brought his average back above .400.  Curtis Granderson just went about his business like he always does, crushing a home run in the bottom of the first, and adding another hit to go 2-4. Alex Rodriguez was not very impressive, but he placed the ball well. He had one bloop single, and he also bunted for a base hit to lead off the sixth.

Mediocre: It’s really the best way to describe the Yankees season.  They’ll look good for a couple games, and then it falls apart for them in the next couple.  Without the bullpen, Curtis Granderson, and Derek Jeter, our 13-10 record could be a whole lot worse.  It’s the first day of May, and no more excuses can be made about a slow start.  It’s time to play pinstripe baseball.

Look Ahead: Ivan Nova will look to give the Yankees the series win, and keep his consecutive winning-decision streak alive against Jake Arrieta. 7:05 start.

Question Of The Day: Whats more surprising, the Yankees getting shut down by Brian Matusz, or Joe Girardi saying he “liked” the way Hughes pitched?


One comment

  1. ralphrc

    More surprising? Matusz. He absolutely stinks, but the Yankees obviously didn’t want to play tonight. Girardi. Not surprising. He thinks we’re all idiots. I’ve never seen a straighter mediocre fastball in my life.
    Nunez should not be within 100 feet of a glove. Absolute defensive incompetence. And Cashman said Montero had no position? Ludicrous.
    Sign Abreu for a few games. At least he can catch the ball.
    Hughes has to go to pen so he can let it loose for a couple of batters.
    Garcia is toast. See if you can get something, which I doubt, or release him.

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