Kuroda Leads The Way

Up to this point, Hiroki Kuroda has had an up and down season. He will have one good, and then one bad start, but today he pitched a good game for the second staight start.  He threw 7 innings, and gave up only 1 run on 4 hits.  His performance led the stifled Yankees offense to a 2-1 victory.  With all the rotation struggles, Kuroda and CC made things look a whole lot better, by each giving a quality start and giving the Yankees bullpen some much needed rest.

Chavez Goes Deep:Eric Chavez provided all of the offense tonight, when he belted a 2 run home run.  It was his first home run at home as a Yankee, all of his previous home runs were on hit on the road. He’s being given more playing time with the injury to Brett Gardener, and he’s put up respectable numbers.

Pettite Set To “Help”:After a 96 pitch outing at Class A Tampa, Andy Pettite said he feels strong, and is “ready to help” at the big league level.  Phil Hughes is set to start tomorrow, could it be his last?

Look Ahead:  As I stated, Phil Hughes will take the mound tomorrow night, and I already have the feeling he won’t get past the fifth inning.

Question Of The Day: What should the Yankees do with Andy Pettite and the rest of the rotation?



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