10 Feet Short

After going only 1 and 2/3 innings against the Tigers, you wouldn’t think Freddy Garcia would be smiling. After giving up 6 runs, Joe Girardi yanked him from the game.  The Yankees would rally, but a fly ball off the bat of Eric Chavez fell about 10 feet short to end the game.  After a comeback victory in game 1 of the series, the Yankees fell to the Tigers by a score of 7-5.

We Have “Confidence”: Those were Joe Girardi’s words before Garcia made this start, but i’m wondering what kind of confidence that is. He’s made 4 starts, and his ERA is above 12, and players are hitting over .400 against him. I have “confidence” that Garcia has no more than 1 start left with the Yankees this year.

The Positives: The Yankees bullpen was forced to pitch great once again, and for yet another game they did.  They pitched 7 and 1/3 innings of 1 run ball. Rapada, Phelps, and even Epply threw well.  Nick Swisher continued his successful April, hitting 2 more home runs, and putting his RBI count up to 23, which is first in the AL. Curtis Granderson proved that he can still hit left-handed pitching, when he belted a solo shot off the player he was traded for, Phil Coke. Granderson has 17 home runs off lefties last year, which was the most in baseball.

Up Next: The Rubber game of the series will send CC Sabathia to the mound, as he’ll face off against Max Sherzer.  It really feels like we need this game to get going in the right direction.

What concerned you guys most about today’s game? I would be happy to have some conversation about it.



  1. joeinator24

    I would love to see Banuelos with the Yankees, but from what i’ve seen and heard, he cant do the job at AAA. As for Pineda, i think its clear he came in injured, but i cant say it was a terrible trade until after his rehab.

    • Anonymous

      It’s still a terrible trade now because they’ve lost more than 1 season of Pineda, and it’s doubtful he’ll come back throwing 97-99 which he did half of 2011, and he has to, because he’s obviously not a finesse pitcher.
      If Banuelos can’t do the job, he can be sent down, but sometimes players outgrow the minors and have to be brought up. Anyway, I’d rather they look at Phelps first because he has some experience here and has a higher upside than Garcia and Hughes.

      • joeinator24

        I just found out that Banuelos is coming off the DL and starting for the Empire State Yankees, so thats good news. And from the start i’ve always talked about wanting Phelps in the rotation. He throws stikes with all his pitches, and he has a certain confidence about him i really like. It will be interesting to see how long Girardi lets this go on.

  2. Anonymous

    Come on, Girardi. Garcia sucks and is killing this team along with Hughes. I’d rather some of the younger guys take Garcia’s spot, such as Phelps, Banuelos, Warren, etc. than a washed up pitcher putting the team in a huge hole every start. And, as far as I am concerned, Hughes is trade bait, but his value is so low, you’d get nothing back. Hopefully he has a couple of good starts and he can be moved at the deadline. I never saw a pitcher with a straighter fastball in my life, and with absolutely no put-away pitch.
    Two more Cashman pitching disasters.
    And it’s ridiculous for Cashman to say that Pineda suffered the shoulder injury now. He was awful the second half of last year and his velocity was down then. And in Spring training, he never broke 91, so he was obviously hurt coming in, and 20 lbs. overweight with a new team doesn’t bode well for a ridiculously difficult 1 year rehab.
    I would never trade for a young pitcher with a half year track record, esp. When giving up your best hitting prospect. Always trade for the pitcher with at least a 2-3 year track record, even if it costs more.
    Cashman is not up to the job.

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