There Is No Crying In Baseball

If you thought that the Yankees performance Wednesday night was pathetic, you probably had a good reason to think so.  What was more pathetic, and perhaps more interesting, were two fans at the game.  The Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland threw a ball into the crowd intended for a young boy.  The ball was caught by an elderly man, perhaps in his 50’s, and he gave it to his apparent girlfriend, who looked significantly younger.  The young boy cried for a few minutes because he didn’t get the ball.  The fans next to him were almost mocking the child, by looking and taking pictures of the ball.  The YES commentators rightfully criticized the couple for not giving the boy the ball, and eventually a Rangers player tossed the innocent child a ball.  Rangers fans, so classy.

Bad News Hughes:  Joe Girardi showed his lack of confidence in Phil Hughes, yanking him from the game after only 2 and 2/3 innings.  He gave up  4 runs, and hit two batters.  The Yankees received terrible news that Michael Pineda will be out for the entire season with shoulder surgery, so it looks like only one of the current starters will lose their job.

The Positives: Seems like Derek Jeter always finds a way into my blog.  He extended his hitting streak to 15 games after picking up two more hits.  David Phelps wasn’t great, but he continues to throw strikes, which I love.

Look Ahead: A day off tomorrow, and then the Yankees look to avenge their 2011 playoff exit, as they face off against the Detroit Tigers.  Ivan Nova will start.



  1. ralphrc

    What’s really annoying me is Cashman’s incompetence with pitching choices. Other than cc, who was a no-brainer and who was overpaid, this partial list is ridiculously bad while Cashman has been GM. Weaver, Igawa, Hughes, Joba, AJ, Contreras, Vasquez TWICE, not trading for Lee, not signing Darvish, Garcia, trading Ian Kennedy, Banuelos can’t get anyone out, Bettances is a big stiff who walks 10 guys a game, Pavano, and many more. He was spending more time with mistresses than he was scouting these guys. If the old man was still here, he would have canned this bum after the scandal.

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