An Instant Classic

After 6 innings of unwatchable baseball, I was tired of seeing my beloved Yankees being crushed by the Red Sox, I thought it was a good time to go eat dinner.  I’m currently in Ithaca, New York visiting my future school, Ithaca College (Also the Bombers!). So my dad and I went to Gino’s Pizza, it was quite good.  But something wasn’t right.  At the end of every Yankees game I get a text message with the final score, and I still hadn’t got that message (It had been almost 2 hours from the end of the sixth inning).  So I asked my dad to check the score, and when he told me it was 15-9, I was almost sure he was joking, but when he showed me the screen, my disbelief turned into joy.  14 runs in two innings brought the Bombers all the way back from a 9-1 deficit after 6 innings.

NICK SWISHER:  This guy never ceases to amaze me.  He went over the green monster to hit a grand slam, and then crushed a 2-run double off the center field wall, and then proceeded to be a gorilla at second base.  It’s awesome to see somebody show that emotion, to show how much it really means to him. After the game, Swisher said,”I’m just having fun man.” Please continue to do so Nick.

MARK TEXEIRA: Slow starter? He may have had slow starts the past few years, but after homering from each side of the plate, and driving in 6 runs, I think those comments will keep quiet for a while.  Perhaps the most incredible thing, he hit a homerun over the green monster, batting LEFT-HANDED.  I really cant remember the last time he hit the ball the other way from the left side.

Everybody Else:  Good job getting on base guys.

Bullpen: Once again the Yankees bullpen did the job, going 7 and 1/3 innings, giving up 4 runs.  Phelps proved he was human, but he still gave the Yankees 4 valuable innings, and he works fast, which I love.

Get Him Out: Those are the thoughts of Yankee fans when Freddy Garcia is out there, and I think its time a change was made in the starting rotation. Phelps would be the obvious choice.

How It Felt: This game is the of the season that really got me excited.  Coming back from a 9 run deficit against the Red Sox? We may never see anything like this ever again.

Up Next: The Yankees look to completely destroy the minds of Boston, by sweeping the three game set.  Nobody better to do so than CC Sabathia.

One More Thought: Umm…..HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!



  1. JR

    It was a great game. Definitely catch it on the YES station rebroadcast, if you haven’t already. Earlier, I was at my son’s baseball game (opening day) and a Red Sux fan sneered playfully at my Yankee allegiance, “I feel sorry for you” (go figure).

    Well, who’s sorry NOW, Last Place Nation? LOL I can’t wait until the next game to rib him.

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