Just keep hoping Girardi.  It may only be his second start of the year, but Phil Hughes poor start today was very predictable.  He went 3 and 2/3 innings, giving up six runs on eights hits.  His start combined with a poor offensive day from the Bombers led to a disappointing 7-1 loss to the Angels.

An at-bat that really told whole story was when Albert Pujols came up in the third.  After throwing him two excellent curveballs, he tried to waste a high fastball.  He got the ball up, in fact, it was around Pujols’ neck.  But with no life behind that fastball, Albert was able to crush an RBI double to center field.  After giving up a 3-run homerun to Howie Kendrick (Who is that? Exactly), Hughes was taken out of the game.

The only bright spot of the day came from David Phelps, a rookie who barely made the team out of spring training.  He pitched 4 and two thirds innings of one hit ball, that hit being a solo homerun to Vernon Wells. That is the only hit Phelps has given up in 8.1 innings of work this year.

I really hope that Girardi can recognize that Hughes simply doesn’t have it as a starter right now, and address the situation. In the rubber game of the series, it will be Ivan Nova on the mound for Yankees.  Nova is a pitcher I really like because he isn’t afraid of anybody. He had a great first start, and you better believe I will be rooting for him tomorrow.



  1. ralphrc

    The problem with Hughes is obvious. He as no out pitch to put a batter away with 2 strikes, and his fastball is as straight as arrow. When he gets 2 strikes, that’s when I start worry.

  2. Jared Fernandes

    Joey, I like your blog. I looks like you should be managing the yanks. Add some more humor and cheesy one liners (unless thats not your style). Looks like a ruff start for New York, you might want spend one of your blogs on the hot start for the Dodgers.

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